Making School Affordable

Private schooling within your reach

We take feedback from members in our community very seriously.  We look forward to hearing from you exactly what you would like to experience form our school.  

We also strongly believe that every child should be able to afford an education through Spaulding School of The Arts and have worked hard to create vehicles of funding for families in need.  Please fill out the following forms and one of our team members will be more than happy to facilitate your process:

Preliminary tuition prices are as follows:
For kindergarten to Grade 8, tuition is $850 / month.  Enrolling a second child reduces to only $650 / month.  The extraordinary news is that we have also partnered with the Weckman Initiative where scholarships, grants, and bursaries can be applied for.  Therefore no matter what your budget, give us a call and we will do our best to make our private education affordable for your family.  
Grade 9 through 12 courses are provided A La Carte per course and semester.  Through the Spaulding School of the arts, your first high school credit per semester is billed at only $400 / month.  A second credit during the same semester is billed at only $300, the third credit at $200, and the fourth credit within the same semester at only $100.  Therefore you can presently experience a full semester of high school education for only $1000 / month. we are currently expanding our roster of professional teachers to fulfill all aspects of high school education.  At present, our A La Carte programs are mainly Arts Driven.  Math, English, Science, and other credits are coming just around the corner.  
as with the primary courses, the Weckman initiative is here to help subsidize your enrolment as well.  Therefore do not let cost deter you from contacting us.   Give us a call and we will do our best to make sure that our private education is made affordable for your family.  See you soon!


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